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Glass Installations and Repairs based in Leominster, Massachusetts

All glass is not created equal, and at Central Glass Company, we specialize in the best of the best for all types of glass-related products. Based in Leominster, Massachusetts, we offer high-quality glass installations and repairs, and you can be sure the glass sealants and other products we use are all made for long-lasting reliability.

Whether you need to install a new shower enclosure or replace the windshield of your car, our technicians will give you an excellent price on premium glass repairs and installations. Since we only use high-end products, you will undoubtedly save money that you would otherwise spend on future repairs.

Experienced Glass Experts
Founded in 1961, Central Glass Company has given the people of Leominster and the surrounding areas a place they can always turn to for any of their glass and windshield needs.

Over the last 50 years, we have built a reputation for honest customer service and consummate professionalism in all of the work we do.

Information is invaluable, contact our office and find out about our glass services including installations and repairs.  

Window, Glass Repairs in Leominster, MA
Professional Glass Services:
• Auto Glass Installations
• Auto Glass Repairs
• Glass Shower Installations
• Glass Door Installations
• Mirror Installations
 • Window Repairs
 • Window Installations
 • Safety Glass Installations
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